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Oscar Predictions 2013 edition

Ironically, the year I unintentionally put the site on the back burner is the one where I actually got off my ass and saw, to use actual maths, a shit-ton of movies, so for once I have actually seen the vast majority of Oscar nominees. This is kind of a big deal for me, I’m usually really far behind the Oscar zeitgeist, I still haven’t seen most of the nominees from the past few years), so to be able to go “Oh yeah, these are all pretty good, it’s definitely a contender” But if you’re interested in my opinion (which I hope you are because I assume that’s why you’re here) in a bit more depth, I’ll no doubt speak critically about the movies later.

So, like any person interested in movies or pop culture around awards season, I have opinions on what’s been nominated, what was snubbed, and who should win. So let’s see what’s in the running to win, and moan about how our favourite movies were snubbed.

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