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Ok, this was a little page I thought was hugely important to add, because I didn’t think that a simple link would do these justice. This page is basically a promotions page for anything that’s relevant to the site and I urge you to check them out.


Old games are awesome and whilst in character, I don’t give that impression, I truly believe there’s something magical about older games that just makes them instantly accesible and most importantly, a lot of fun. Now, obviously these games are hinging on being 20 years old, they must be hard to come by, right? WRONG! In 2006, Nintendo launched their Virtual Console service on the Wii, it’s basically official emulation that for a small price, you can download classic games from the Commodore 64 to the Nintendo 64, via the Mega Drive and Game Gear and whilst there are some omissions (Earthbound is the key one) there’s some games that weren’t  released outside Japan translated and available for you. Most of Nintendo’s first party games are there, there’s a ton of third party stuff and cult classics, it’s one of the best official sources of games available to you.

The Xbox Live Arcade also offers a few retro games, all of which are souped up with HD graphics, like Banjo Kazooie and Perfect Dark and I believe Sony’s Playstation Network also has a fantastic selection of PS1 titles as well. Wether they’ve been updated to compensate a higher frame rate is beyond my knowledge, but both are worth checking out, obviously, they’ll cost you a small amount of money as well, but it’s worth it.

Failing that, if you have the original consoles, eBay is a brilliant source of retro game cartridges and consoles, I can’t promise they’ll be cheap, but it’s still owning the physical game, which is always nice. Amazon also sell pre-owned older games for a more set price, but there’s a good chance you’ll have to pay a hefty chunk for a good quality copy.

And finally, some video game stores, such as some branches of Gamestation in the UK, will sell pre-owned games and consoles for a scant price. Of course, there’s the chance that you’ll end up with a defective cartridge, a game desperately needing an instruction manual when you only paid for the cart, or various other problems, but it’s nice to support stores selling obselete games amongst newer stuff.


Anamanaguchi are a rock band from New York. Why are they on here? Well, for a start they’re a fantastic band, who’ve hacked a NES in order to get some 8 bit chiptune into their style, referred to some as Glitch Punk, although I might have made that up. Anyway, the reason they are on here is because I used one of their songs as the into music for Silent Reviews. But because they’re just mindbendingly ace, I think you should download both their albums, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game Official Soundtrack and Dawn Metropolis, the former being considered one of the best video game soundtracks of 2010 and the later being heavily praised by just about everyone.

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