The Zero Hour

Reviews, rants and oddities on video game and film culture.


“The Zero Hour is the sort of thing dreams are made out of, not good dreams obviously, the kind you forget about when you immediately wake up”

Once upon a time, a man went to visit his wifes office christmas party, only for it to be taken over by German terrorists, with only him able to stop it. After realising he’d ripped off the plot of Die Hard because he didn’t have an interesting origin story, Oxford born, Leeds based budding writer and English/Film student Alex Wylie decided to put his obsessions with film, tv, video games and music to good use and bitch and moan about them in the form of articles, reviews, youtube videos and whatever he could get his hands on, unfortunately, he thought it would be fun to play an exaggerated version of himself and. And thus The Zero and his “Zero Hour Show” was the result.

Originally created in 2008 under the title “Alex’s Daily Blog,” as a succesor to his myspace¬† blogs, the site originally was associated with Wylie’s eccentric side, often highlighting stuff he found funny or interesting. Alex then changed the site after 2 years of service, taking away the joke posts and entries that he felt didn’t belong with what he wanted the site to be, however fans of the more quirky posts can find them on his personal tumblr blog. He also went through a fad of referring to himself in the 3rd person for reasons unknown.

In mid 2011, Alex moved into his video series “Silent Reviews” and hasn’t exactly looked back, it’s mostly based here, but has it’s own page and occasionally on youtube, and Alex eagerly awaits the day someone makes a TV Tropes page for it, because he’s vain like that.

Be aware that whilst some posts written on the site as of November 2010 are written in character as The Zero, other sites involving the writer linked to, such as Alex’s twitter account are not.

If for what ever reason you need to contact me for anything about the blog, especially:

– Suggestions for reviews
– Corrections and mistakes
– Any cool stuff you think I should know about

You can e-mail me at

and I also have accounts on Twitter and Tumblr, should you want to follow me or ask me anything (it’s probably best contacting me on those, to be honest), I’m pretty good at responding on there, so don’t be afraid to send me a message or @ me.

I’m also always after more contributers to make updates more frequent, so send an article or a video and I’ll see what I can do.

Final note. Running a website is hard work, no matter how many people actively visit, and articles and Silent Reviews, whilst they doesn’t cost a lot of money to make, it’s time consuming, sometimes stressful and often very thankless and I don’t really get any money for it. And whilst I’m not saying that it’s more worthy of your hard earned money than a charity, because we all know that it’s not; if you could spare a small amount, just to help raise my production values, keep my spirits up and make this site and the web series, more entertaining for you to watch and read.

Thank you.

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