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Star Wars Episode 7 is announced, internet melts down and I try to make sense of my conflicted feelings towards it.

(I’m aware I haven’t really posted much here for a long while, but I kind of just wanted to get this out there)

Ok, so like everyone else on the internet tonight, I’m aware that Disney are buying Lucasfilm and pretty swiftly announced Star Wars Episode 7 (and 8 & 9 and possibly more, I’ll get to that later). Naturally I turned into a child and got all excited about the prospect because the idea of new films being only vaguely linked to the original trilogy (the actors are obviously to old/won’t want to reprise their roles to a degree that can make these direct sequels, plus Vaders dead) but set in that giant universe is kind of really, well limitless potential for story fodder. Also (this may change though) the fact that Lucas isn’t writing/directing will give different talent their take on  the universe (I’m sending in my application now). Lucas knows better than nearly anyone the effectiveness of film auteurship, having basically been at the forefront of that movement in the 70’s with Scorse and Coppola, so letting someone else loose in his playpen is a really interesting prospect.

The thing I’ve seen the most of in terms of negative response is that Disney are going to ruin it (lol) by making it more for a Jar Jar audience and less of an Empire Strikes Back situation, I don’t blame them, but I really can’t see them handling the material any differently to the live action movies they’ve already under their belt. I imagine Disney will handle more of the distribution end and production will still be predominately LucasFilms ballpit. Also, I’m pretty sure Pirates 3 began with a hanging, that sounds kid friendy…

I think it’s something to keep an eye on, Everyone has the right to be cynical, it’s a cash cow franchise that’s essentially not really relevant and is being wheeled out because it will make a ton of money even if it’s the worst thing under the sun (which it has been) andOf course I’m irritated that they’ve basically confirmed that it’ll be further milked beyond a new trilogy, but at the same time this is a franchise that has an Angry Birds spin-off, so like, there’s that…. Honestly, I would really like to see Disney and Lucasfilm (and pretty much every major Hollywood studio) work on finding the NEXT Star Wars and not rely on existing franchises, reboots and sequels. But then if we keep flocking to them in our millions then they keep happening, so I guess we have ourself to blame and the reaction to this news kind of ensures that the further movies beyond this trilogy will probably be made.

But then, if it’s the new lease of life this series desperately needs and it’s great, there’ll be a new generation of kids who’ll want to become film-makers because of Star Wars, and having been one of those kids, that’s a pretty cool thing to aspire to.

But you know, I guess if it’s really terrible, we can always, I dunno, not watch it.


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