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Keep the internet free.…

I’m aware that this is still early and there is a very real chance this could nor happen, but equally there’s a chance it could and getting people aware is my main intention here. Even if (like me) you’re not American, it will affect everyone in the world, as America is still a large source of output on the internet. Besides, when one of the most powerful nations in the world backs something like this, it’s inevitable to snowball into the EU and other parts of the world.

The US Government is currently discussing 2 bills, that will allow copyright holders to block any website that they believe infringes copyright. Not only would this break any kind of net neutrality and the entire www. concept, but it would also mean the end of youtube, twitter, tumblr, 4chan and many other sites, maybe even cause the loss of jobs for some internet reviewers (such as myself) It’s also a direct violation of free speech and the American constitution. Please sign the petitions, talk to your congressmen and keep the internet free.

On a personal note, if this happens and spreads, I will lose any chance of becoming a video reviewer, and there’s a chance this site will even be shut down. I do not want this to happen.


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