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Let’s Kinect with motion controls

Ok, with Sony’s Move out….a few months ago (that one launched quietly…) all eyes are about to turn toMicrosoft’s amazing controller less fantasmo gizmo (technical term) Kinect, due out worldwide on November 4th, unless you live in Europe (which is quite a big portion of THE WORLD!), where you have to wait till November 10th. Now, obviously the big question on every gamers mind (other than “Are there any games that I’d like?”) is simply, “Will it fly or flop?” and whilst I can’t answer that question, I can at least take a look into what will surely be an eventful few weeks for gaming.

As we’ve established and I’m already bored of mentioning, Kinect doesn’t have a controller, you are the controller, which is pretty much gimmick that keeps on giving. Motion control was a lovely idea once, but the novelty has pretty much worn off shortly after it began. Wii has shown us that do much use can be just annoying, the best games on the console are the ones that use it subtely, or not at all (Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Brawl spring to mind)

Of course, I am a gamer and kinect has clearly made such an effort to advertise kinect as a casual gaming device that any alien would get the impression that every family is a citizen of Stepford, so why am I so irrate about this? Because I liked the niche. Remember when no-one except kids and teenagers played video games? Everyone who didn’t play them didn’t understand the fascination with plumbers going down pipes, a wise crakcing blue speedy hedgehog, a wisecracking gecko that…ok, a wise cracking Bandicoot…Ok, Sonic has a lot to answer for, but everyone who didn’t like video games just left us to it, but frowned upon it like we’d taken up smoking. I don’t want to say I miss people hating me because of a lifestyle choice, because that’s not true and I’m certainly not comparing gamers to other lifestyle choices, I just liked that there was a nice little community of fans that seems diluted since the expansion of the industry in 2006. Obviously, I understand the reason they’re doing it, but it’s not nice for me, now a University student who grew up with Nintendo to see on the first night of Freshers Week;

Chaplincy Wii Night

Remember when the church HATED video games? Anyway, I feel I’ve once again used an analytical oppurtunity to really take a deep and educated look at Kinect and ended up doing a therapy session, so here’s my main problem with why I don’t care for Kinect and it sounds childish, but I don’t like not having a controller and air-mimicing. It just looks un-natural for a grown man.


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