The Zero Hour

Reviews, rants and oddities on video game and film culture.

A feeling

There’s a moment in someones life, a realisation if you will, where they suddenly know that everything changes. When you left home, moved to University, your own house, how long before you realised that there’s no turning back. Child innocence is gone and you’ve grown up. Do you wish for the endless summer holidays, disliking your geography homework and to spend more time with the friend you grew up with, playing Mario Kart on your N64? Or do you look forward, seize the oppurtunity that you’re in a new location with a job or the last of your education?

Maybe you’ll get lucky, find a beautiful man or woman. Get married, have kids, die happily in your old age on a sunlit island. Maybe you’ll get the job of your dreams and be succesful in your career. Maybe both, I envy those who do, they’re the really lucky ones. When you realise all of this, thoughts rush through your head at an alarming speed that you can’t think straight. You regret your childhood and your time prior, wishing to do things you never did. kissing that girl at Homecoming, saying no to that first cigarette, not having stage fright in your first year nativity play, not having stage fright in your final year production of Hamlet.

But then you come to your senses, your heart relaxes and you’ll wipe away those tears and you’ll smile, smile like when given an ice cream as a toddler after grazing your knee. Those things have made you who you are and no matter what you think, it’s made you a fantastic, important and beautiful individual and that whilst that chapter of your life is over, another exciting one is about to begin.

This probably sounds far fetched and I imagine none of you have felt this before, but one day, you will.


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