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Reviews, rants and oddities on video game and film culture.

Star Wars to be converted to 3D

That’s right, George Lucas’ space opera cash cow is getting another cinematic rerelease, this time, more digitally restored and in 3D. Now, I’ve said…too many times that I’m a big Star Wars fan (I’m wearing an X Wing T Shirt as I type this) but I’m wondering what the point is. Whilst some scenes in Star Wars are perfect for the 3D treatment, such as the Death Star trench  in IV, the duel on Mustafar in Episode III and the bit in VI when the TIE fighters ambush the Millenium Falcon (just after that line…) others…don’t. The prequels may actually be slightly redeemed due to their scenery porn over story in 3D, but I reckon Lucas will add more like Sy Snottles in Jabba’s Palace, which I could easily live without and will bring down the effect to a gimmicky waste of time and money.  But we’ve got 2 years to wait, so we’ll see.


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