The Zero Hour

Reviews, rants and oddities on video game and film culture.

A public service film from Yahtzee

Video games. They’re either cute, family friendly hastily packed shovelware for the Wii. OR CONCENTRATED EVIL THAT MUST BE DESTROYED BEFORE ALL CHILDREN PLAY IT AND MURDER/RAPE (Mape, as I’m dubbing it…actually no) EVERYONE.

That’s at least how certain sections of society see it. And to make things worse, some of those sections of society are the highest and most influential politicians of THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT! If you’re American, sign up to the Video Game Voters Network and have your say to politicians before elections end and shit hits the fan. As Yahtzee puts it in this video,

“Whilst it’s true that in the future, they’ll be remembered as fondly as those who tried to outlaw movies and novels and theatre and dancing and the same people who said the steam train would simultaneously make women die of shock in it’s wake like rows of screaming dominoes, but until that day, it’s up to us to show non gamers that just because games aren’t boring doesn’t mean they’re different to books and just because games aren’t two hours long and aren’t written by over paid chimpanzees mean they’re different from films.”


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