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Diary of a writer #2

I’m currently working on my final project for college and I have chosen to do a short drama piece (I say shout 30/40 minutes in length) and I am to pitch it to my teachers in 2 weeks with a big ol’ presentation. Of course, I want to get it into production as soon as possible, and as such I have spent the past 2 or more weeks beavering away at a first draft script.

So, here’s a small insight into my way of working.

8.05: Wake up, make a cup of tea and begin Scene 26. Where in the characters realise they’re trapped in their town. It’s short, one line of dialouge in fact

8.15: Plan Scene 27. This scene only exists for the purpose of informing the audience about how it’s a ghost town, so our protagonist is left feeling isolated and alone.

9:00: Scenes 27-29 complete. Upon realisation that Scene 30 is one of the most important scenes, I take about an hour off, watch an episode of Doctor Who and plan how I’m going to execute it.

10.15: Lightbulb immediately goes off in brain. I have the scene and a bunch of others following it. Begin typing furiously for about 3 hours.

13.30: Looked back at the 10 scenes I wrote this morning and was so pleased, I’m going to make some noodles and call it a day. Also new issue of ONM and a letter from the Uni that I applied to arrived in the post, so the rest of the afternoon is spent reading them and planning out the next scenes or new ideas for the 2nd draft.

13.35: Realises the second draft will have to be written and a new beginning will have to thought up and cries a little.

03.07: Wakes up in the middle of the night with the “Windy Theme” from Conker’s Bad Fur Day rattling around in my head and more importantly, the new start of the film. Huzzah!


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