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Could potentially be the new Ant & Dec. I’m not fucking joking. Here’s the evidence.

1. Both shot to fame on a pretty average, but popular show for all ages. Byker Grove for Ant & Dec, The X factor for John & Edward.

2. Lack of musical talent. Observe.

PJ & Duncan (Ant & Dec’s alter-ego’s in their performing days) – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Jedward – Ice Ice Baby

3. Both parties are popular on ITV.

4. Accents. Geordie for Ant & Dec, Irish for Jedward.

5. Energy, they both have in droves.

6. There’s two of them (go figure…)

7. Great chemistry between the two.

Of course, Jedward haven’t presented anything and due to their insanely short attention spans (read an interview in the latest issue of Q with them (yes, that is a plug, it’s a fantastic magazine). Painful, painful reading…) they probably won’t. That said, ITV will probably give them their own show by the end of the year and when that happens, TV can only go downhill.



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