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Monthly Archives: February 2010

The future of reality television

Remember when Big Brother started in 2000? What a remarkable impact it had on TV, we stopped looking after our own lives to watch others sleep, eat, argue and fall apart. Since then, reality TV exploded, the public didn’t care for scripted drama, documentaries and sports.  we’ve had Celebrity Big Brother, Hogan Knows Best, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here, American Idol, Rock Of Love, Masterchef, So You Think You can Dance?, How To Look 10 years younger in 10 days and do so on and so forth. That could be all about to change soon.

Why? After 10 years and many, many contestants. Big Brother is due to end because of falling ratings and an aged format, at least in Britain, styles are finally beginning to change. Pretty much since the death of Jade Goody last April, a figure so indebted to reality TV that her funeral was broadcast on telly, we’ve seen ourselves in new lights. We went too far with our consumption, we pretty much watched a woman we don’t know live and die and we didn’t want to see it again. Katie Price, formerly a model has lost all credibility she once had. After coming up unfairly in her divorce, she could have gracefully backed out of the spotlight. Not so, she wanted the public to love her and went back on the show that made her famous, unsuccesfully. She even got married to another reality star, hoping to win back the public’s affection. It didn’t work, no-one cared and derided her. The interestng celebrities are once again, the ones who’ve earned it, we’re talking the Winehouses, the GaGa’s, hell, even Brad and Angelina are more interesting than that…not that I care at all…

Channel 4 are almost completely refilling their slots with the loss of Big Brother, they’ve promised about 80 hours of drama, since it’s resurrgence in popularity with the likes of Doctor Who, Skins and True Blood (on an unrealted note, E4 are losing the rights to Friends, allowing them to completely re-fill their schedule) Maybe when 2011 rolls around, ITV’ll realise that Reality has had it’s day, but that’ll be down to the next series of Britain’s Got Talent (which wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Susan Boyle) and X Factor. To be honest, as soon as Cowell realises that he can’t make money of it, it’ll be gone faster than an X Factor contestant and I can’t wait.


Lower your expectations.

I made this video blog for a forum I frequent. Enjoy.

Don’t expect more.