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Diary of a writer: part 1

I thought that as I’ve mentioned that I’m a writer (admittedly, not done anything of any value yet) I may as well give you a detail of a brief few hours of well, actually writing. So without further ado… I present Thursday 28th January.

Project: Alex (very much a vain, bigging myself up script)
Genre: Sitcom
Episode: Pilot (entitled Documentary)

7:30pm – began writing a quick scene, which will serve as an storyline boost. Also introduces Sam, a teacher. Alex and his friend Tony have been making a documentary for a project. However, Alex’s group have upped sticks and gone to London to film some shots, leabing him behind, so Alex decides to rectify this.

7:45pm – Checked Twitter. All good on the tweet front. Also simultaneously juggling MSN, talking to my friend Joe and listening to a tune that he linked me too.

8.00pm – Continued writing, thought it would be funny to have a scene showcasing Tony’s stupidity and showing how stressed Alex is all the time. Also, thought up an idea with those toy cars toddlers have.

8.25pm – The result of this is a scene in a bus station car park. I write it, I giggle a bit, then realise it’s going to be a nightmare from a production stand point.

8.30pm – Me and Joe discuss my ceramic mug that’s shaped like a paper cup on MSN, I don’t write anything of worth for about ten minutes.

8.40pm – Come up with the idea of keeping a diary. Am up to 11 pages and about 7 scenes. The characters are currently on a bus to London and I’m struggling to think of something amusing to write other than an old joke that my friend did on a bus once, not because it wasn’t funny, but because it goes down too much of an Inbetweeners road and it just feels too easy to do.

9.00pm – Taking a break for the night by watching E4. Part inspiration, part addict.

10.00pm – Occours to me that I’ve written 4 pages today and upon reflection, realise the first 3 that I wrote a week ago aren’t that funny and aren’t relevant to the narrative. I could go over bits and make it relevant. But Skins is on and from a narrative standpoint, is absolutely ace (shame the recent series has failed on most other accounts).

11.00pm – Skins gets me thinking about going back to writing Study Leave, the first draft of “Tales” is very nearly finished (after nearly 2 years, I seriously need deadlines) so I may begin on that soon.


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