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First impressions of Madworld

I’m a bit late with this, especially as the game came out about a year ago, nevertheless…

Madworld is rare thing (depending on your viewpoint) It’s a Wii exclusive mature core game. I picked up a copy about 2 weeks ago for £3 and have been playing through it slowly. First off, let’s discuss the obvious. The art style is very reminiscent (actually a complete rip-off) of Sin City. The only colours you’ll see are black, white and red. Even the character of Jack feels like he’s been ripped directly from the Frank Miller comic. Naturally, it looks gorgeous, but really shows off it’s graphical flaws. All in all, it’s attempts to imitate a comic book work wonders and it’s a joy to look at.

Now the gameplay is fun and stupid, it’s basically beat up enemies using as gory means possible, spiked walls to sign posts. You gain points the more enemies you kill and combo, eventually opening up death related mini games and a boss battle. It’s very enjoyable.

But that’s about it. Once you’ve completed one level, got over the novelty of signposting someone in the face, it loses it’s appeal. The game gets very repetitive, very quickly. It’s brilliant in short doses, but tiresome in longer levels. enemy characters lack variety and just quickly become tiresome. I’m only on the second level and I don’t really have the desire to continue, which is a real shame, because it’s a game that should be brilliant. The commentators are hilarious, the boss battles are fun and the minigames are quite enjoyable.


2 responses to “First impressions of Madworld

  1. mebecj 28/01/2010 at 18:59

    I will just say this: The commentators get funnier and funnier. It is worth going through the game to hear them. And the plot thickens.

    “Those pills go great when you wash them down with a little scotch.”
    “I like to wash down my scotch with a little scotch.”
    “I like to wash that scotch I washed that first scotch down with with a little more scotch.”
    “I like scotch.”
    “I like scotch.”

  2. alexisnotroll 28/01/2010 at 19:35

    Brilliant. I’ll still try to chug through the game. I will complete it, no matter how long it takes, because it is good fun in short bursts.

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