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10 songs of the decade

10. Suspicous Wit – The Rascals (2008)

Everyone knows Miles Kane as “The other one” From The Last Shadow Puppets, it was inevitable that he was going to be second fiddle to the more popular Alex Turner. But before The Age Of The Understatement came this. A powerful indie/psychedelic  romp that out dates the Arctic Monkey’s Humbug. Unfortunately for all it’s brilliant guitar lines and big sounding vocals, it was doomed from the off. It wasn’t on their debut album and the band have since split.

9. Bathroom Gurgle – Late Of The Pier (2007)

One of the first singles from the Nottingham synth kings was this. Coming in with watery bass and mysterious lyrics, it soons bursts into Bohemian Rhapsody for the 21 Century. When Sam Eastgate shouts in his Johnny Borrell style vocal “So get your hands on your waistline/and move your body to the bassline. I guarentee you will.

8. The Strokes – Reptillia (2003)

Ok, This Is It maybe one of the best albums of the decade, but nothing on that album excites me as much as this track from their second album Room On Fire. It opens with a simple one note bassline, you just know that anything could happen from there onwards. Then in crashes the main riff angsting with feedback and full of energy. Julian murmurs and screams and you just know something special is happening.

7. Y Control – Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2003)

Just listen to that infectious guitar line. Drop C never sounded so beautiful and then Karen O fires up her unstoppable vocal lines, which coupled with Brian Chase’s frantic drumming just makes it a juggernaught. It doesn’t stop and by 4.00, it’s an out of control runaway train, desperately sreeching on the brakes. Beautiful, heavy and Momentous.

6. Jesus Of Surburbia – Green Day (2004)

American Idiot was a cult success for a short time in 2004 upon first release, pretty much embraced by only their fans and 14 year olds. I was in the latter. The album then gained momentum making Bolevard Of Broken Dreams the anthem of anyone who had no friends and making Green Day super rich, but Jesus Of Surburbia will always have a place in my heart, It’s 9.53 long and it kicks ass.  But Jesus Of Surburbia, really 5 tracks melted together in a big never ending stew is just a fantastic achievement, lyrics of isolation and mis-understanding, it became the soundtrack to evey teenager “Running away from pain when you’ve been victimized/Tales of another broken home” It sways, it rocks, it does pretty much anything. It’s still Green Day’s greatest achievement.

5. Girls Aloud – Call The Shots (2007)

Xenomania have a lot to answer for. Heard a really, really good pop song on the radio? Is it by a british artist? Then the odds are it was produced by Xenomania, the biggest producers in the country (not bad considering they’re still unknown). They were responsible for Cher’s Believe (still influencing Hip-hop, bizarrely with it’s auto-tuned vocals) Sugababes Round, Round and most of Girls Aloud’s back catalouge. Hence why this is here. After releasing a premature Greatest hits in in 2006, the girls were going to need a big single to show that they weren’t going away with a bang. And so they (with Xenomania’s help obviosuly) wrote this expensively produced, Catchy and above all, brilliant track. beautiful vocals, some calming, distorted sound effects, but still contains that bite that made us love them and it made us love them even more.

4. Klaxons – Magick (2006)

The first time I heard this song, it was like whipped up in a ever growing tornado. it builds and builds and builds until you’re at breaking point. I swear if it went on longer my head would explode. Brilliant Synth intro (that’s replicated by the bass to fantastic effect later) and just skull smashingly good. All together now ha-way-oh-we-oo!

3. Muse – Knights Of Cydonia (2006)

You’ve heard United States Of Eurasia from The Resistance? How bonkers is that track? Want to hear is spiritual prequel? This is it. it’s got some absolutely mind bending guitar playing, mexican trumpet and lyrics that would make Rage Against The Machine proud. And by the time the big break at the end happens, if you’re not flying across the room or going mental, there’s something wrong with you.

2. Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies) (2004)

I this is the most beautiful song ever made. Hidden deep within their debut album Funeral, it contains some of the most upbeat things put to music. Chanting, string sections and the sense of constantly being on the move, Arcade Fire put together a literally unstoppable track. I always forget how the track ends, simply because I just want it to go on forever.

1. 505 – Arctic Monkeys (2007)

This was the moment where everything changed for them. The final track of their second album contained a more prog/art sound, it wouldn’t have looked out of place in a 70’s art decor film (in fact, it’s taken directly from The Good, The bad And The Ugly). chiming guitars, doomy 70’s movie organ and lyrics speaking of memory and heartbreak “It seems like once again you greet me with goodbye” Until of course, the distortion kicks in. From that second on, it’s bitter heartbroken lyrics, angsty QOTSA style guitars and the greatest riff the Monkeys have ever made. Haunting, uplifting, powerful and conclusive all at once.

(Look out for Miles Kane on guitar in that video, brings us full circle)


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