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My Top 10 Movies Of All Time #7

The Incredibles
Directed By Brad Bird

Wa-hey! The second appearence of Pixar in this chart and easily their best film to date (Ok, WALL-E was amazing, but I prefer this, it’s just more…fun, I guess). The Incredibles is a story about family. Well, a family who have super powers. Like many Pixar films, it takes culture from the past (There’s the short film before it starts and the whole film has a very 50’s feel to to it, althoguh I’m pretty sure it’s set in the modern day) The Incredibles looks at nostalgia, how things were better when you’re young. Robert Parr was once Mr Incredible, a man with Super strength and a car with gadgets that’d make James Bond blush. However, after marrying Elasti-girl, he is successfully sued by a man who jumped from a building. This paves the way for other Superhero’s to be sued and subsequently after a large public backlash, they are forced into hiding, living everyday lives like you or I.

Of course, 20 years on, Robert still has that spark to help people. Of course now he has a family, his teenage daughter can go invisible, his son has super speed and his baby…dribbles a lot and his wife isn’t keen on him running out with his best friend, Frozone, to go “Bowling”. However, he’s recieves a letter from a mysterious organisation for superhero help. What happens though turns out to affect him and his whole family…

The film is just simply a nice family adventure story, in 3D animation, which was a real challenge for Pixar, they’d never done humans to that point before, they’d done insects, animals and toys, but they’d never fully done humans. As you can see, it worked out pretty incredibly. It was also the first time that Pixar had really focused on an action movie. Again, this worked out really well for them. There are many moments that you forget that you’re watching a 3D film.

I should also give praise to Michael Giacchino, there is some great music in this film, it feels reminisicent of a Bond theme, which is always a good thing! Plus the film contains Edna Mode, potentially the greatest character ever, just look at her!

Isn’t that wonderful, darling?



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