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The 20 Greatest Nintendo Endings 20-11 (Spoilers, obviously)

20. The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Wait, Ocarina Of Time, only 20th? What is this travesty? Well, you moan, but compared to all the other 3D Zeldas and A Link To The Past, it’s fairly weak. But by no means is it bad. Ganondorf is sent to the Sacred Realm for all eternity and curses Link, Zelda and the sages (he will get revenge on the latter in A Link To The Past) and everyone in Hyrule celebrates along to the infectious Saria’s Song, whilst Zelda sends Link back to his true time, who then tells Zelda of the future, creating a massive time paradox that echoes throughout the series from that point on.

19. Super Mario Sunshine

Ok, so admittedly there’s some horrible voice acting in this game, but I really felt this had to be added for 2 reasons, Toadsworth and Mario landing face first in the sand. However at one fatal consequence. FLUDD dies. Actually, I don’t really care and the Toads fix it anyway. But then you get some nice holiday snaps over the credits. Admittedly I’m begining to wonder why I placed this above OoT. But then, meh.

18. Lylat Wars

Lylat Wars is amazing for many reasons. One. Just a great Sci-fi dogfight simulator. 2. Terrible Dialogue. and so on…Lylat Wars ends in a similar way to both Return Of The Jedi (Fox escaping an exploding base) and A New Hope (a fanfare led awards ceremony) Which is both terrible and brilliant at the same time. I love the line where Fox goes “We do thing sout own way” and that epic score of the main theme as Fox and co run (pretty dodgly) across the land as Great Fox rises behind them. Then sometimes the picture of Andross that appears, hinting a sequel.

17.  Banjo Tooie

Those cheeky chaps at Rare make their first appearence on this chart. For the record, Rare were a 2nd Party Developer for Nintendo back in the day, so this counts as a Nintendo game. Anyway, Banjo Tooie is a very silly game, the game ends with Grunty’s tank blowing up, destroying her skeleton. So Banjo and Kazooie go to Bottles (whose recently been brought back from the dead) to celebrate, however Klungo’s been and eaten everything (Swine) and Mumbo and Humba are bickering. However all problems are solved when they decide to kickabout Grunty’s decapitated skull, who then tells you she’ll be back in Banjo Threeie. It sounds morbid when you say it, but it’s delightful and fairly mental. All that’s missing is Captain Blubber on a UFO, wait…

16. Metroid Prime 3

Metroid Prime 3 is the perfect end to a great trilogy. Overhsadowed by Halo by FPS fans though (ok, granted it’s an FPA (First Person Adventure)) but still ends brilliantly. The fleet are escaping Phaaze as it’s near it’s destruction and with Samus’ corruption on maximum, the outcome is pretty bleak. The wormhole closes with Samus inside…or does it? Anyway, after it’s over, Samus (in all her sexy Zero Suit glory) recalls her adventure and takes off, unaware she’s been followed…

15. Pokemon Red/Blue

Really, I could place any Pokemon game here, but my nostalgia whoreness insists on this. You’ve just beaten Blue, or whatever you called him and he’s not happy about this (although it’s a lot of fun when you replay it with Lvl 100’s and he’s still surprised that he lost) Anyway, Oak shows up and tells him he’s a rubbish trainer and has been doing it wrong. Making you feel better from the abuse he’s been giving you over the course of the game, before taking Red to be registered in the hall of fame.

14. Super Mario Bros.

Just because let’s face it, after seven castles of “The Princess is in another castle” It’s nice to see somthing thats not a Toad. And she challenges you to do it again. Does she not care for what we’ve just been through?

13. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Ganon is destroyed again, this time with Silver Arrows and The Master Sword, Hyrule is safe and the Dark World becomes the Sacred Realm again. Also, Link gets his grubby mitts on the Triforce, can’t say fairer than that. But there’s more, we’re re-united with every character we’ve met and how their story ends. Quiant and beautiful.

12. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Ike, our one dimensional hero and Michiah, out favourite light mage and carrier of Yune destroy Ashera, creating Ashunera. the real god. The land of Tellius is unfrozen and the gods apologize for their actions. Then all the heroes go their seperate ways. Depending on who you’ve killed, the ending differs and their story may remain untold.

11. Super Paper Mario

Aaaah. Bleck and Tippi turn out to be the loved ones the whole time, ok, it was obvious, but the ending here really does it justice. It’s a nice twist that the primary antagonist ends up saving the world. And it’s a really sweet note  to finish on.


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