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I saw this show ITV2 last night, it’s called Trinity and it’s produced by Ash Atalla (of IT Crowd and The Office fame). It’s set a fictional Oxbridge style University, where everyone is either stupidly posh or really intelligent but don’t act it. It’s been dubbed as Skins meets Dallas, now from this episode I can see why it gets compared to Skins, there’s a lot of rude language, pointless sex and moronic characters.

That’s not to say it’s terrible, for the most part, the dialouge is fairly laughable and the characterisation poor, but there’s definitely something in it’s setting and plot that could lead it to develop. What of project Gallahad or the dead father haunting his daughter?

It also doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is nice. As mentioned the characterisation is pretty dire, Christian Cooke (that lad of Demons) is an incredibly posh womaniser, there’s Maddy, a girl with a blatentley fake welsh accent, Reggie Yates (Honestly. It’s weird seeing him actually act when you’re used to him as a presenter) and Charlotte, a Christian who forgets her values, it’s really down to Charles Dance (what a legend) and Claire Skinner as the responsible, but very secretive adults to add the intrigue and mystery here. There’s also an american and a scotsman, who are comic relief, but don’t really add anything other than getting stoned and being pissed on.

Like the last series of Skins, it’s made a poor start, but definitely something to keep an eye on.


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