The Zero Hour

Reviews, rants and oddities on video game and film culture.

(500) Days Of Summer mini-review.

Now, you may recall me raving about this film a few weeks ago, well I saw it yesterday and loved it.

(500) days Of Summer.

An indie “Rom-com” that stars Zooey Deschanel and Joesph Gordon Levitt. It’s about a man who falls in love with a girl called Summer at his office, what follows are 500 days (not in the correct order) of his relationship to a really cool indie soundtrack. There are geniuenly some hilarious moments in the film (The main character singing Heres Comes Your Man at Karaoke is destined to be a cult clip) and I loved every second of it. Superbly acted, fun and very beautiful.

It’s feels very similar to Juno and Little Miss Sunshine, so if you liked them, you’ll really enjoy this. Highly Recommended.


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