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Lucky Number Slevin mini-review

Starring: Bruce Willis, Lucy Lui, Josh Hartnett, Morgan Freeman, Ben Kingsley.

Lucky Number Slevin is both an odd film in theory and practicality. The film centres around Slevin, a man who goes to stay in his friends apartment, only to find his friend not there. Worse comes to worst as he is mistaken for his friend, who owes one gang leader (Morgan Freeman) a lot of money and a favour and his bitter rival gang leader (Ben Kingsley) a smaller debt. Not to mention he’s being stalked and manipulated by an assasin called Good Cat (Bruce Willis)

What follows is a rollercoaster of twists, turns and a fair few explosions and violent scenes. As the film carries on, events fall into place and it’s impossible to predict the outcome, but it’s done really in a really slick style, it could be mistaken for a Tarantino film.

The performances are brilliant here as well, Josh Hartnett (although at times you probably could mistake him for Ashton Kutcher) does a really good job for an incredibly difficult role. And Ben Kingsley does a fine American jewish accent and his speech towards the end is beautifully read.

This film is very good on all accounts, it’s one of those films that people tend to just dismiss from a first glance as “dumb action film” but it’s so deep and so rewarding at the end, it’s almost essential viewing.


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