The Zero Hour

Reviews, rants and oddities on video game and film culture.

Never Back Down mini review

I don’t think I’m the target market for this film, I just didn’t get it. I sat down and watched about the last hour and a half in screening (a lesson that’s part of film studies, we only watched this because it won a pretty rubbish voting system) because I chose to watch Spaced on my iPod with my friend. Luckily, there isn’t much plot to go by, so it’s pretty easy to pick up. The guy (who looks not dis-similar to a younger Tom Cruise/Adam Sandler hybrid) wants revenge on another guy for some reason and so trains up to fight him for a good 2 hours, during this time, pointless revelations about his parents come out, he falls in love and his friend gets beaten up. It’s a pretty standard movie not unlike Step Up or whatever, I didn’t like it, but I know a few people who would.


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