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My top games round-up 25-11

25. Pokemon Red and Blue
Platform: GB
Release: 1996 (JP)/1998 (EU)

The game that started it all still holds up well today, it’s simplistic graphics and funky 8 bit music is loved by nostalgia fiends and core gamers all over the world.

24. The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Platform: Gamecube/Wii
Release: 2006

has it really been nearly 3 years? The latest home console Zelda games takes a realistic, yet much darker step and proves that the 10 year old forumla still works.

23. Mario Kart DS
Platform: DS (duuuh)
Release: 2005

Mario Kart DS took the already perfect Mario Kart forumla and made it even more perfect. Excellent level and character selection and some great online features, surely the best in the series?

22. Goldeneye
Platform: N64
Release: 1997

The greatest film License game ever? Perhaps. Goldeneye still looks and plays well even now, Invincibility, all guns and infinite ammo never gets old.

Not what you want to see when you come out the loo…

21. Lylat Wars
Platform: N64
Release: 1997

“Do a barrel roll” The pinnacle of the Starfox series, epic dogfights, incredible music and cheesy dialogue. Utter brilliance.

Wait til you see his true form…

20. Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
Platform: DS
Release: 2007

It takes more a leaf from Generation 2’s book and improves the series. Better story, more monsters and the return of day and night. Huzzah!

Unfortunately, clean the dishes isn’t an option…

19. Perfect Dark
Platform: N64
Release: 2000

Takes Goldeneye, shoves it in a sci-fi setting and you have the greatest FPS ever made. Includes aliens called Elvis!

18. Resident Evil 4
Platform: GC/PS2/PC/Wii
Release: 2004

The European boxart is better…

Shaking up the RE name, gone are the slow zombies and chilling atmosphere and in is an excellent action adventure. Worth it just to watch Leon die.

Recession hits Toni & Guy.

17. Conker’s Bad Fur Day
Platform: N64
Release: 2001

The funniest game ever made it maybe, but under it’s cutesy exterior is a vile, rude, dark and unfair platform adventure.

16. Super Smash Bros Melee
Platform: Gamecube
Release: 2002

Takes the original and simply improves it in every conceivable way. More characters, more levels and Pichu.

15. Resident Evil
Platform: GC
Release: 2002

The GC re-make is the definitive RE game, scary, atmospheric and an utter delight.

The kissing booth is not what it used to be…

14. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Platform: SNES
Release: 1992

2D Zelda hit a high point here. Paralell worlds, rabbits and unforgivable difficulty. Oh and a great story to boot.

13. Super Mario Bros. 3
Platform: NES
Release: 1990

Super Mario Bros. 3 is the essential NES game, you can’t call yourself a platforming fan unless you’ve played this gem.

12. Jet Force Gemini
Platform: N64
Release: 1999

I think it’s all summed up here…

Pest control at it’s best!

11. The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
Platform: N64
Release: 2000

The darkest and most original Zelda game in a long time, it’s beautiful, sinister, funny and horrifying. Absolutely essential.

I shall Consume….Consume EVERYTHING!!!


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