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My top 10 games of all time Day 7 – No #4

Super Mario World
Platform: SNES
Release: 1992

If Super Mario Galaxy is the pinnacle of 3D platforming, then this is easily the pinnacle of 2D platforming. Super Mario World offers an unlimited supply of fun at all times as you plough through the levels.

Super Mario World is effectivley the sequel to Super Mario Bros. 3, often cited as one of the best games of it’s generation, if not of the whole Mario series, so no pressure then. Super Mario World takes Super Mario Bros. 3’s template and adds that hint more of perfection to it. Using the SNES superior processing power, the graphics are brighter, there’s more colour and Mario is more detailed, so there is actually a difference (apart from size, obviously) between Mario and Super Mario.

Of course the power of the SNES allows for a lot more expansion. The game contains over a hundred levels within Dinosaur Island, from fields, plains and caves, to ghost houses and evil castles. It’s pretty varied for a simple platformer. Also, certain levels (more often than not) contain more than 1 exit, which unlocks another level which is not on the set path. This allows you to experiment with routes to the final castle in “The Land Of Bowser” and also requires you to use your wits to find them all. If you find all 96 exits, you’ll be greeted with a coin based sign “You Are A Super Player” Which makes all long time players feel they’ve accomplished something great.

Of course, no Mario game would be complete without it’s power-ups. Of course, you’ve got your Super Mushroom to transform you into Super Mario, your Fire Flower to make you a fireball throwing madman and your Star which makes you invincible to everything apart from cracks in the floor, being crushed and lava. What’s new then? Well, only a freaking cape! There’s a new feather power-up that once grabbed automatically turns Mario into a cape wearing Super hero! Take that, Clark Kent! Althoguh I’m not sure you can refer to him as a power-up, this is also the first game to involve everyone’s favourite (It’s official) supporting Mario character, Yoshi! Yoshi turns up on certain levels trapped in an egg, go close and he breaks free, allowing you to ride him. If you’re familiar with ther series, you’ll know that Yoshi has an unquenchable hunger and can eat almost anything (watch the sprites as he sticks his tounge out, Mario is horrible) Howeer, if he gets hit, he’ll run away, leaving you to catch him up. You can also jump off him in mid-air for great height for maximum betrayal and to save yourself.As demonstrated in this picture…

Yoshi is also a versatile dinosaur/beast/thing. When he eats certain Koopa troopa’s,  he gains abilities. Red koopa’s allow him to spit fireballs, Blue koopa’s allow him to fly and yellow koopa’s, well that’s a surprise…

The main aim of the game is to make it through 7 castles, all guarded by the koopalings (all named after rockstars, fact fans) which is great fun because after you complete a castle, you’re shown a humourous cinematic of Mario destroying it. Once you’ve reached the final castle, you fight Bowser to rescue Peach and Dinosaur Island in a bizarre battle (he has a clown copter thing) that proves this game has everything. Charm, humour, dinosaurs, platforming and American football weilding turtles. Go download it on the Wii’s virtual console for one of the best, THE best platformer ever made.


2 responses to “My top 10 games of all time Day 7 – No #4

  1. Aaron Anderson 08/04/2010 at 00:48

    Ho, hurm in my days we didn’t have no dinosaur things to ride around on we had to rely on our own feet!

  2. Keith Bordas 13/04/2010 at 00:28

    I’ve bookmarked your site, the articles are way better here than on other blogs.. thanks for a great read!

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