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My top 10 games of all time: Day 1 – No 10

I’ve decided I’m going to count down my all-time favourite video games over the next 10 or so days, a new post will be posted at about 16:00-17:00 each day and you won’t guess my number 1 (I can almost assure you). So, without further ado, let’s begin with Day 1.

10. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Platform: Wii
Release: 2008

This game pretty much sums up the whole top 10 list if I’m honest, so why isn’t it number 1 straight off the bat? Well, it still has faults.

Brawl snapshot 1

First of all, it’s adventure mode is too linear and feels repetitive, also althoguh attempts have been to solve the “clone” problem of the previous game, they are in essence more or less still there and the online’s not great. Oh, and Kumatora from Mother 3 isn’t a playable character.

But enough of what it does wrong and more about what it does right. SSBB is a fantastic fighting game. It’s simple to master, great fun and contains so much variety, it’s impossible to win simply by doing the same strategy over and over. The idea of the game is every character has a percentage, the more damage they take, the higher the percentage, the higher the percentage, the greater chance of them being sent off the arena and killed. Of course, this isn’t helped by millions of items being littered about, all from Nintendo franchises, from Pokeballs that unleash Pokemon, Kirby’s star-rod to the Hammer from the arcade Doneky Kong (complete with 8 bit fanfare)

Brawl snapshot 2

It’s also a complete Nintendo lovefest. Everything in it is there for the fans and a nod to Nintendo’s achievements over the last 20 years, you can play as Mario and beat the crap out of Pikachu or Link whilst fighting in Sonic’s Green Hill Zone. It’s almost endless the amount of stuff crammed into that disc.

Similar to that, it’s also almost endless in terms of content. There are 42 playable characters (counting Sheik and Pokemon Trainers Pokemon) and 36 stages to unlock, 300 odd trophies and 500 stickers to obtain and a whole heap of unlockable music.

On the subject of music, the game has quite possibly the greatest soundtrack ever, they’ve enlisted 36 composers and a japanese orchestra to effectively re-do the greatest songs from Nintendo’s games. It ranges from all styles as well, so there’s a ton of variety, from epic sci-fi themes of Starfox and Metroid

Space Armada – Starfox

Ending – Metroid

to the legendary themes of Mario,


and Pokemon

And even a couple of little surprises…

Type A (Tetris!!!)

Shin Onigashima

It’s character selection is top notch as well, from bigger franchises, you’ve got Mario,


and Sonic

To lesser known characters like Ness from the Mother series (a personal favourite of mine, also someone you’ll see later in this countdown…)

and even NES peripherals…

It’s truly an astounding line-up, one which will take a lot of doing to beat. Everything I’ve said pretty much explains why Super Smash Bros Brawl is an incredible game, if you’re a core gamer, you need to play it, if you’re new to Nintendo you need to play it, there’s no real excuse here, so to phrase an older Nintendo catchphrase (it’s pretty appropriate) Get N or get out!


One response to “My top 10 games of all time: Day 1 – No 10

  1. Aaron Anderson 08/04/2010 at 00:28

    Face it, SSBB is the main reason most of us ‘HARDCORE!’ gamers got the Wii. It’s a great game really, sure it isn’t the major awesome step up from Melee (which roxorz btw) that some of us had hoped for but it still is a great game.

    My fave characters, well Fox McCloud is my main man/fox but me and the plumber in green make a mean team. In fact I was a god at this game at one point with the only person coming close-second was my Bro, seriously some of the battles we had where so epic and we where so skilled that for minutes on end we couldn’t lay a hit on one another!
    Constant dodges and blocks and cancelling out each others attacks, a few times it seemed to go DBZ style with us falling through mid-air whilst still battling, so awesome!

    Also I both love and hate the attention that was seemingly lavished on Fox, first of all they gave him a new ‘sexy’ look which caused my twisted mind to conjure all sorts. Second there was alot of scenes dedicated to Starfox in general, subtle hints of a new and awesome game that was possibly Factor 5’s secret project back in 09? Finally the remixed and remastered music is mighty fine, I cried with bliss when I heard th Corneria remix.

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