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The Greatest Boss Battles of any game ever! (Spoilers)

Ok, it’s not surprising I love video games, so here’s a bunch of videos showcasing some of my favourite, yet least favourite things about them. I’m talking of course about Boss Battles. Everyone know when they’re fighting a boss, there’s that sense of wonder a the bosses size or visual aspect, the puzzlement in working out it’s weakness, the anger as your attacks fail, the stress as he wittles down your health and finally the relief as he (or she, evil knows no gender) falls dead on the ground.

Anyway, here’s a big list of some of my favourite boss battles of all time, expect lots of Nintendo and some odd moments.

Giygas and Pokey – Mother 2/Earthbound

The embodiment of evil, Giygas has spent the entire game issuing orders and sending evil thoughts into peoples minds. Ness and his friends have to travel back in time to stop him, only to find Pokey, Ness’ neighbour and Giygas’ assistant being the douche he is. He turns off the devil machine, allowing Giygas’ unexplainable evil power bellow. Guess who has to stop them… (oh listen to the music to the first part, it’s amazing)

Porky – Mother 3

This seemed a good choice to carry on from.  Porky (or Pokey…GASP!) after almost defeat at the hands of Ness (as seen above), travelled in time and abused it for thousands of years and as so, his body has grown frial and old, but his mind hasn’t,  so he’s effectively a thousand year old child.  At the end of the game, Lucas and co confront him for all the damage he’s done to their lives. They never succeed. Once defeat seems imminent, Porky traps himself in the Absolutely Safe Caspule, where he is safe from everything. It’s actually a tragic story the more you think about it….(again, the music is amazing and sad, especially if you’ve played the rest of the game)

Masked Man – Mother 3

Just showing this video does not do the battle justice, you NEED to play the game all the way through (Just go on the internet, find a GBA Emulator, find a Mother 3 ROM and download it, it is one of the best games ever) It’s beautiful, tragic and brilliant all at once. I believe this video comes in just after Hinawa speaks to him for the first time.

The Great Mighty Poo – Conker’s Bad Fur Day

He’s an opera singing turd, what’s not to like???

Bowser – Paper Mario

Wait, Bowsers on this list? Hell yeah, it wouldn’t be a boss list without him. Bowser in this game is proper badass. not only is he actually a challenge, he is pretty fun to fight and requires all your skill that you’ve learned throughout the game.

Zelda – The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Fighting Zelda…on a Zelda game? It made my jaw drop when I first saw it upon reaching the top of Hyrule Castle, don’t worry, though, she’s been possessed by Ganondorf, all you have to do is the old tennis technique (Zelda fans will know what I’m talking about) and she’s saved from Ganondorf’s grasp, a strange but yet epic duel. I’m sorry for the video, it was the best one I could find…

Gruntilda – Banjo Kazooie

Everyones favourite rhyming witch is fought to crave our boss fighting itch. Sorry, Grunty uses ryhmes all the time, I thought it would be convenient…I was wrong. What I love about this battle is how it uses up everything you’ve had to learn in the game in order to succeed, it just adds that little extra bit of thinking that’s not used as much these days. Plus, it has great music that brilliantly encompasses all the themes of the game, it’s fun, hard and excellent.

Rival – Pokemon Red and Blue

This was chosen beacuse it was for many people of my generation, their first final bosses and is still surprisingly epic today. What was interesting was the uncertainty of what he was going to throw at you, the first time you fought him and it really showcased the importance of having a mixed team. No matter what though, chances are you’d just made it past Lance, your Pokemon bruised and hurt, then you have to fight his Lvl 60 Gyrados??? Not fair…

Meta-Ridley – Metroid Prime

There’s something awesome about all Metroid bosses, their size, their attacks, their difficulty (Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is evil in every way…) but Meta-Ridley is head over heels of them all. Just watch the video, it’s not hard to see why.

Prince Froggy – Yoshi’s Island

You’re inside a frog throwing eggs at it’s Uvula??? It’s pretty disgusting and the map itself is pretty weird, but that’s what I kind of like about it.

Pyscho Mantis – Metal Gear Solid

This is what makes boss fights awesome, their uniqueness from other enemies and their interesting methods of defeat. Pyscho Mantis isn’t an exception, first of all he toys with your mind, reads your memory card and just generally screws you up, he seems invincible, unless you possibly plug your controller into another port…

If there’s any you feel that should be added, let me know and I’ll find some, I’ve only scratched the surface, so any more to add would be welcome.

Mario & Luigi 2 – Final Boss (requested by rainofbrittania)

Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII (requested by Tom Clews)